Corporate Finance

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Corporate Finance


Corporate Finance

There is no company without proper management of economic and financial performance, which is essential in the phases of constitution, growth, consolidation and / or investment project.

Corporate finance can support business initiatives in the process of evaluating and managing financial aspects and issues through analysis and evaluation techniques to support the decision-making process.

The goal is to identify the best balance between investments and financial coverage, in order to achieve efficient and effective management of the company.

Over ten years of experience in supporting companies, analyzing their projects and sharing paths for the maintenance and / or improvement of economic-financial-asset performance

You will be able to relate to a single interlocutor, for the evaluation of corporate strategies in the economic-financial to carry out:

  • Analysis of official and provisional financial statements with attribution of the Rating
  • Preparation of prospective financial statements and business plans with attribution of the rating.
  • Economic-financial analysis of the Sector or Competitors.
  • Analysis of the Central Credit Register.
  • Analysis of the actual cost of money.
  • Support in the management of public guarantees (national and supranational).
  • Support in the management of subsidized loans.
  • Evaluation of the use of financial sources.

The needs of our Client companies are analyzed through dedicated meetings in which needs are identified and work paths proposed, sharing objectives, times and methods. The activity is carried out by a team of consultants with many years of experience in the sector.